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Gokhale® Executive Chair

Gokhale® Executive Chair

Please note: The video features the usage of the Gokhale Pain-Free chair and not the Gokhale Executive chair.


What do our customers think?

This story reached us and we thought it is worth sharing:

Working as an artist/designer for 60 years, has put my neck and back through a long-range program of pain-inducing moves.

The influence of this pain producing environment changed course when I came across Esther Gokhale’s method for addressing back pain and bought her book: “8 Steps to a Pain- Free Back.” About a year ago I also began taking lessons from her Chicago training representative, Aurelia Vaicekauskas. Her guidance, patience, empathy and knowledge of the Gokhale system has been a continuing blessing.

I also bought the Gokhale Pain Free Chair. I’m so glad I did. It’s everything advertised and more! It has become an essential tool for me whether sitting at my computer or drawing board. One of the reasons behind its success is that it allows movement in the chair to other stress relieiving Gokhale sitting positions. This flexibility is not found on hard moulded chairs and other devices. It’s an essential option for anyone doing work that tends to require periods of time in a fixed position.

Another Gokhale Chair advantage: it’s armless! Chair arms are great for contemplating. Not so great if you have to move your hands and arms between drawing, painting, typing and other tasks. The Gokhale Chair armless feature also allows you to get closer to work areas as needed.

For me the pain relief from using the Gokhale Chair has been outstanding! It also seems to fit my lifestyle. I never was a go-to-the-gym workout person. Now the Gokhale Chair is my workout...while I get to do the work I love.

Now that’s a win-win situation!. Thank you!. Thank you!

BREAKING NEWS....Since I now work at home...I also use the Gokhale Chair at the kitchen table. Less pain! Better posture! And another Gokhale win-win advantage!


Gokhale® Executive Chair

The standard height is designed to cover the needs of a broad range of heights and sizes and should be the correct choice for most people. See below for further guidance selecting your correct size.

Exceptional Comfort for Unwavering Focus

Gokhale® Pain-Free Chairs celebrate the philosophy that sitting is a natural healthy activity. Our chairs are unique in that they facilitate stretchsitting and stacksitting, two Gokhale Method techniques that transform and reframe sitting into a profoundly comfortable position and something that heals you rather than harms you. In addition, to take breaks during the day, the backrest is adjustable for you to lean back and take a little break in your day - stretch-reclining.

Investing in an executive chair transcends mere ergonomics. It's about ensuring that every moment spent at your desk is marked by uninterrupted concentration, comfort and productivity. Designed to cater to the demands of busy executives, the new high-end Gokhale Executive Chair harmonizes luxurious Italian leather with an array of additional features. The additional headrest, adjustable back height, and recline function are all incorporated to offer exceptional function, timeless design while ensuring your healthy J-Spine is preserved for comfort and endurance. This chair redefines both luxury and well-being.

Crafted to redefine luxury and to support your long-term comfort, this chair sets a new benchmark by embodying exceptional function, exquisite design, and a commitment to your overall well-being.


Included special features

Discover the exceptional features that make our chair so special:

Stretchsit® nubs
Soft rubbery nubs are built into the backrest and gently stretch your back. By hitching your spine against the nubs, you gently decompress your spinal nerves and discs. This allows the discs to rehydrate and absorb nutrients from surrounding tissues, aiding in their repair and restoration.

Waterfall front with non-slip patches
The forward slope of the front half of the seat and rubberized patches facilitate stacksitting without slipping. Your pelvis tips gently forward, your vertebrae stack easily and your back muscles completely relax. Your breathing then provides a gentle spinal massage and the increased circulation helps revitalize your spine.

Fully adjustable headrest
Elevate your comfort with our luxurious headrest boasting three points of adjustment. This design guarantees that every individual can find the optimal headrest position for unparalleled relaxation and support.

Adjustable Backrest Height - Lean back and relax with J-Spine
Not only is the height of the chair adjustable, the height of the backrest can also be set to fit your spinal shape perfectly. You can set the recline angle and adjust the tension in order to sit in perfect comfort.
Please note: The Gokhale Executive Chair allows you to recline and lean back in great comfort. However, for your safety and the chair's longevity, we advise you to always keep your feet on the ground. Vigorous rocking while leaning too far back, could make the chair tip back.

Italian Leather
Crafted in Italy, Tribeca is a favorite amongst our semi-aniline leathers. Created from German bull hides, this leather has a tight grain with a smooth breathable finish. With a lightweight hand featuring a distinctive pebble-grain and a protective finish, Tribeca is a go-to for all industries.

For those that prefer not to sit on real leather, this chair is also available with a fabric option. Contact our Customer Support team for more information on this option.

Excellence in materials
Hand-Made to order in Canada
High quality, Italian top grain leather
~80% of parts made in Canada and US
Hydraulic lift and wheels are of the highest quality on the market
Up to 10 year limited warranty on parts
Maximum load capacity: 250lbs

Customization options

Material option
Frolic Fabric instead of Tribeca Leather (same as our standard Pain-Free Chair) - please contact our Customer Support team for more information on this option.

Gas Lift Sizes

The standard chair height is designed to cover the needs of a broad range of heights and sizes and should be the correct choice for most people.
A good way to determine your correct size gas lift is to find a seat that is at the right height for you, and to measure from the top of the seat to the floor (try building up seat height incrementally with a stack of books or magazines). Then you can pick the gas lift size that includes that height, with some room in either direction.

It is important to remember that having your arms at the right height for your work surface is an important step in maintaining good posture at a desk or table. When your hands are resting on your work surface—be it a keyboard, table, or other—and your shoulders are rolled back and relaxed, your arms should form a right angle at the elbow: upper arms hanging straight down and forearms parallel to the ground, wrists in a neutral position. Your chair should be pulled in as close to your work surface as possible, and your keyboard, plate or other object placed close to the edge as well, to eliminate the need for reaching or leaning forward.
If the right height for your arms does not allow your feet to comfortably rest on the floor, you may need to make adjustments to your work surface, such as raising your chair and elevating your keyboard, or lowering both your chair and your work surface (perhaps by getting a new one), or creating a small footrest for yourself. The pronged feet of the Gokhale Method Chair base can also be used to rest your feet on, and allows for a comfortable transition from stacksitting to stretchsitting, which shortens the available length of your legs.

Height Seat Height 
Standard ~19" - ~22"
Small ~18” - ~19.5”
Tall ~21” - ~26”

Technical specs

Base diameter ~27-28''
Seat height (default gas lift) ~19''-22''
Seat Width ~21.5"
Seat Depth ~16.5"
Back Height ~19"
Back Width ~17"
Headrest Width ~11''
Headrest Height ~6''
Chair weight ~38 lbs

Shipping details

FREE SHIPPING to the continental US and Canada

Note: We can only ship to destinations within Canada, the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. We regret that we cannot ship internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii, or other remote locations.

A note about shipping time: please allow 2-3 weeks for your chair to be delivered. Your chair will be shipped via UPS Ground; you will receive the tracking number via email. Rush delivery is not available.


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