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Proposition 65 Warning label

Proposition 65 warning label


California Proposition 65 Disclosure Statement from our manufacturer

Prop 65 in it's essence is a disclose statement that manufacturers must post on their products. What many consumers don't know is that Prop 65 requires you to disclose whether any of the "accessible" materials contain any of the long list of chemicals noted by the State of California and that this is regardless of quantity of the chemicals. Consider the exhaustive list of components, materials and substances that are contained in our chairs. Remember, the requirement is for anything "accessible" to the customer – anything they can physically touch or access. This means, paint and metal from arm brackets, mechanism and gas lift, the oils and lubrication from the mechanism and gas lifts, plastics from the arm brackets, handles, bases and casters, fabrics, foam, etc.

There is no definitive way we can say that there are none of these chemicals on the list from the State of California, therefore we have no recourse other than to post the statement that there may indeed be these chemicals. The only way to definitively know is to have each and every component, material and substance tested. This would cost tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately the cost for these tests would have to be paid by us, as our vendors have no interest in paying for the tests themselves.

So though it would seem the risks are very low, we cannot say they do not exist and thus we have to label our chairs for Prop 65.