Stretchsit® Cushion How-To

Not your mother's back support: use this cushion to its full potential, because it's not just padding! Stretchsitting decompresses your spine and gives you a healthy, relaxing stretch.

Learn to Stretchsit® your way to a healthy back, starting with our video tutorials. When done with our Stretchsit Cushion, it's never been easier!

Gokhale® Moment Videos

Where can you see founder Esther Gokhale's TedTalk "Find Your Primal Posture", learn the best way to carry your baby, and view Gokhale Moments such as the time Gokhale Method teacher Kathleen Marie built a yurt with perfect posture?

On our website, of course! If you really love your computer, we also provide online classes, and our blog will keep you up-to-date on our latest tips and tricks, travel stories, and medical research findings.

best way to carry a baby without hurting your back

Did You Know...

...Gokhale Methods students sometimes gain up to an inch in height?

Visit the Gokhale Method homepage to learn about more great benefits of improved posture! Meet teachers in your area, and see our different class offerings. Request that a teacher come to you, or book a corporate presentation to improve your team's productivity.

To regain your natural, primal posture and a pain-free life, sign up now for a Gokhale Method free workshop or a comprehensive Foundations Course near you.

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Success Stories

Although stunningly simple, the Gokhale Method turns much of conventional wisdom about pain and posture on its head. Each session of the course gave immediate results which have affected my life profoundly, and I now look forward to many years of a healthy neck and back.

Esther's technique for treating chronic back pain is totally unique...this is a great tool for all of us.

I found it to be really intuitive, mentally and physically. I started improving a lot from reading the book. The actual hands-on course has helped me so much just to feel confident and empowered to live in my body again without pain, and get back into the activities I used to like to do.

It's a gift. It's going to change so many things in my life. It's going to change sleeping, it's going to change walking. It's going to give me gardening back.

I personally think this class is life-changing. For over twenty years I would have a spasm in my low back. I was in quite a bit of pain. Since I've learned the techniques with Doreen, I've had no spasms in my back when I go to lay down at night. I loved the class...thank you so much.

Every year tens of thousands of patients undergo major back surgery without any benefits. By using Esther Gokhale’s novel techniques, many of these patients can avoid such needless and expensive medical procedures, and quickly return to a pain free life.