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Premium Bundle

$949.00 $1,078.65 $129.65 savings!
Premium Bundle


What do our customers think?

This story reached us and we think it is worth sharing:

Working as an artist/designer for 60 years, has put my neck and back through a long-range program of pain-inducing moves.

The influence of this pain producing environment changed course when I came across Esther Gokhale’s method for addressing back pain and bought her book: “8 Steps to a Pain- Free Back.” About a year ago I also began taking lessons from her Chicago training representative, Aurelia Vaicekauskas. Her guidance, patience, empathy and knowledge of the Gokhale system has been a continuing blessing.

I also bought the Gokhale Pain Free Chair. I’m so glad I did. It’s everything advertised and more! It has become an essential tool for me whether sitting at my computer or drawing board. One of the reasons behind its success is that it allows movement in the chair to other stress relieiving Gokhale sitting positions. This flexibility is not found on hard moulded chairs and other devices. It’s an essential option for anyone doing work that tends to require periods of time in a fixed position.

Another Gokhale Chair advantage: it’s armless! Chair arms are great for contemplating. Not so great if you have to move your hands and arms between drawing, painting, typing and other tasks. The Gokhale Chair armless feature also allows you to get closer to work areas as needed.

For me the pain relief from using the Gokhale Chair has been outstanding! It also seems to fit my lifestyle. I never was a go-to-the-gym workout person. Now the Gokhale Chair is my workout...while I get to do the work I love.

Now that’s a win-win situation!. Thank you!. Thank you!

BREAKING NEWS....Since I now work at home...I also use the Gokhale Chair at the kitchen table. Less pain! Better posture! And another Gokhale win-win advantage!

Premium Bundle

$949.00 $1,078.65 $129.65 savings!

This bundle includes everything you need to make good posture easy and keep it on your mind. And in addition it offers a discount of more than $100 — the best discount you will find on our shop!

Our premium bundle consists of

  • the book "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back" (printed and as a PDF),
  • the DVD "Back Pain - The Primal Posture Solution",
  • a Gokhale® Head Cushion,
  • a Stretchsit® Cushion,
  • and the Gokhale® Pain Free chair. 

which add up to a perfect combination:

  • Use the book (select your preferred language) as the primary reference and follow the order of the techniques described there.
  • View the corresponding segments on the DVD (only available in English). This helps bring the steps to life and makes them easier to learn. This is especially useful for visual learners.
  • The Stretchsit® Cushion is a big improvement over a towel and facilitates gentle traction for all of the hours that you sit. 
  • The Head Cushion is helpful in finding the natural axis of your spine and strengthening the deep cervical (longus colli) muscles; it also serves as a reminder to keep your head up.
  • The Gokhale® Pain Free chair celebrates the philosophy that sitting is a natural healthy activity. Our chair facilitates stretchsitting and stacksitting, two techniques that transform sitting into a comfortable position and something that heals you rather than hurts you. The premium bundle contains a Gokhale Pain Free™ chair with different height options. For help on selecting the right size and further information, please have a look at the Gokhale® Pain Free chair page


Your Premium Bundle will arrive in two separate shipments. The chair will be directly shipped from the manufacturer, while the other items are shipped from our warehouse.

Note: We can only ship the chair to destinations within Canada, the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. We regret that we cannot ship internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii, or other remote locations.

A note about shipping time: please allow 2-3 weeks for your chair to be delivered. Your chair will be shipped via UPS Ground; you will receive the tracking number via email. Rush delivery is not available.