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Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting

$39.90 $49.90 $10.00 savings!
Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting

Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting

$39.90 $49.90 $10.00 savings!

Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting with Esther Gokhale covers the Gokhale Method techniques of stretchsitting and stacksitting in a variety of contexts. These techniques change sitting from something bad for you into something good for you. They also teach how to turn bad chairs into good chairs. Sitting becomes not only comfortable, but also therapeutic. 

To further augment the benefits of sitting skillfully, it is important to take work / study breaks. In Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting, Esther Gokhale and her team teach especially useful exercises and movements to mitigate the tightening of the psoas, rounding of the shoulders, and settling of the spine that frequently happen with extended sitting. Using a lunge stretch as well as a samba exercise break, viewers will learn to remain vibrant and productive throughout their work day. 

    Special features include:

    • Introducing the Gokhale PostureTracker
    • Joan Baez Practicing Pain-Free Sitting
    • The Gokhale Pain-Free Chair

    Number of discs: 1
    Run Time: 38 minutes plus bonus features
    Region: American NTSC format (Region 0). The DVD can be played on any computer.
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English (CC)