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Gokhale® Roller

$34.95 $39.95 $5.00 savings!
Gokhale® Roller

Please note: The video demonstrates techniques with a back roller. The roller shown in the video is not the same model as sold on this page.


What do our customers think?

This testimonial reached us from a happy customer and we thought it is worth sharing:

Love my new Gokhale Roller

Hello, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on the new Gokhale Roller…I love it!

I have had my traditional “foam roller” for about 10 years. Needless to say it was rather well used. I had been noticing that there were some “flat” areas but continued using it. Received information about your new Gokhale Roller and decided it was time for a new one. Now I really do not like my old one! Ha!

Things to love about my new Gokhale Roller:
- no flat spots
- since there are no flat spots it rolls easier on the floor and…on my back
- since it is hollow it is much easier to grasp (who would have thought being hollow could make such a difference
- it can easily be picked up/adjusted/moved with one hand
- it is hard yet soft
- did not realize it would be so small but find that I really like the smaller size
- seems to be made well…time and continued use will tell

Thank you!

Gokhale® Roller

$34.95 $39.95 $5.00 savings!

Back rolling helps keep your upper back upright and lovely! 

Our new back roller is made with ABS core (hard yet light), molded PU foam (soft but not too slippery), molded-over edges (prevents the core slipping out), is one foot wide, and has a plain exterior.

The Extra-Firm variant is for people who have extra-tight muscles on a strong frame. The extra pressure helps relax bulky muscles so your upper back can be upright and lovely! 

The Gokhale® Roller is 13" long and 6" in diameter, and weighs 1.7 lbs (765 g).

Read more about our back roller here

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